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ImplantDx is the only directory of its kind, eliminating guesswork on the actual cost of implant related procedures.

ImplantDx is online and fully transparent, giving you the on-demand analytics needed to make informed decisions. You can take back control over re-contracting with providers through insight into real implant cost data. Plus, skip waiting on cost containment providers and eliminate their service fees.

ImplantDx eliminates the guesswork on how much health care providers are paying for medical-surgical components and common implant related procedures. Take back control, with ImplantDx.


ImplantDx is the ONLY fully transparent implant cost directory in the industry.

What’s Inside ImplantDx

Data for


implant categories


unique implants


and price points


reporting facilities



$20 billion

dollars of
purchased implants

Medical-surgical implants and devices remain a cost transparency black hole in the health and casualty industries. With no reliable reference in the marketplace, you struggle to gain accurate insight into the actual cost of implant related procedures. Until now.

  • Ability to mine and benchmark provider charges for implants with powerful pricing information allowing for: Reference based pricing reimbursement, Invoice plus pricing reimbursement, UCR audits and Direct negotiations
  • Allows for true cost-plus provider network contracting and repricing administration of implantable devices without the need for provider-supplied invoices
  • Avoid cost-containment vendor fees by using AMS’ on-demand analytics available on an unlimited basis, to identify potential savings and minimize excessive reimbursements on out-of-network medical device and implant charges
  • Compare charges for medical-surgical supplies and implants with prices paid by hospitals and large physician groups in National and Regional views of the U.S.
  • Save time and quickly compare medical-surgical supplies and implants on more than price alone

Bundled Pricing Module

ImplantDx Bundled Pricing Module provides the true cost behind the most common related procedures, including total/partial knee replacements, hip, shoulder, spinal fusions, pacemaker implantations, stent placements and more. The bundled pricing module not only gives the total costs for these procedures, it also breaks these costs down to its individual parts.

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