Overcome the challenges that accompany a catastrophic diagnosis with PredictDx.

PredictDx is your definitive on demand decision support solution delivering in-depth clinical information, insight and key financial analytics for the costliest medical diagnoses. PredictDx provides accurate claims data of the actual paid and allowed costs from over 140 networks and Medicare reimbursements in one convenient location. You can accurately predict liabilities, set reserves, assess the need for cost containment, validate standard of care treatments and eliminate countless hours spent searching for credible financial and clinical data.

High cost claims are catastrophic to those in the health and casualty industries. But with the power of PredictDx, you can take back control over claims cost and your bottom line.

Are you unable to identify standard of care treatment versus experimental?

Are you unsure about what’s being billed and allowed?

Are you struggling through labor intensive processes?

Are you finding it difficult to locate resources?

Are you unable to access accurate and up-to-date information?

The Data you Need Now at Your Fingertips

Quickly and proactively identify medical necessity and experimental issues

Triple your team’s productivity using a data-driven approach to process claims

Support renewal retention, revenue growth and new business production

Access to the most comprehensive clinical and financial data at your fingertips

  • Over $40 Billion of charges processed
  • $12.1 Billion paid over 115 Million claim lines
  • 274 unique insurance networks represented
  • Billed and Allowed Charges on the most costly diagnoses for all 50 States
  • Geo Zip Break Down
  • Medicare Reimbursement
  • Over 44,000 CPT, 13,800 ICD9/10 codes mapped
  • DRG Coding with National and State Reimbursement amounts
  • Statistics Module
  • In-depth standard of care Treatment Information
  • Complications
  • Investigational Therapies / Pipeline Drugs
  • Physician Commentary

Seeing is Believing