No longer spend countless hours scouring the web only to find pieces of the pharmaceutical puzzle.

PredictRx delivers the entire picture of specialty drug spend in an all-encompassing online database. PredictRx is continuously updated, allowing you to view which specialty drugs are FDA approved for which diagnoses with drug pricing in real time. FDA approved indications, notable off-label usage, reasonable costs and Medicare reimbursements for pharmaceuticals are now at your fingertips with PredictRx.

With PredictRx, you can stop guessing and start knowing with the full specialty drug picture at your fingertips.

Stay ahead of the pharmacy trend and the spend with PredictRx.

Just what the doctor prescribed

Ability to analyze complex high-dollar claims for medical appropriateness, standard of care treatments and costs

Negotiate contracts from a position of strength by understanding current treatment cost trends

Applications for Reference-Based Pricing

PredictRx includes the following data and information allowing clients to push forward, constantly staying ahead of industry trends and competition by utilizing cutting edge technology.

  • FDA Approved Indications
  • Notable Off-label Usage
  • Adult & Pediatric Dosing Regimens
  • Specialty Drug coding
  • AMS Cost Projection
  • AMS Risk Threshold
  • Southern Scripts (PBM) Pricing
  • Average PBM Costs
  • NDC Information
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Specialty Drug Price Trends
  • Additional physician researched information

Seeing is Believing