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July 10th, 2019 at 2pm EDT
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Predict Profiler delivers vital risk feedback with a comprehensive risk profile, breaking down costs and illuminating potential issues with your book of business. Weed out non-issue claimants, leaving only the most high-risk. And, flag diagnoses which have the highest number of claimants, indicating that further investigation is warranted.

AMS Webinars are complimentary, educational, informative and fun. You will take away a great deal of information on the latest industry news, high cost drug trends, new treatment information and how to predict, evaluate and manage high dollar claims. Our webinars are led by Dr. Stacy Borans, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of AMS or the AMS Team.

As presenters, we look at it as a great way to connect with you. Webinars allow us to share the expertise that we have in-house with you. It gives attendees immense benefit and the opportunity to interact with industry experts on a LIVE session.

We have had a lot of attendees coming back to us telling how valuable & worthwhile they have found our webinars and to help make someone put their time to best use and equip them with the knowledge that they need is fulfilling.

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